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Our warranty safeguards major solar components and offers preventative care, without the need for you to seek repairs

Our dedicated experts and 5-star service network keep your system at peak performance, ensuring a worry-free solar investment

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Support, Teamwork, and Innovation

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  • Dependable, expert care
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Support, Teamwork, and Innovation

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Support, Teamwork, and Innovation

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Delighted to have found Solar Insure after being orphaned by another solar company. They got our system back up and operational in no time. Experience with them has been good.

Barbara Langley

Barbara Langley


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Homeowners whose installer has gone out of business, leaving the your system orphaned and unsupported.

Peace of mind. A monthly monitoring and warranty product for Solar homeowners whose contractors/installers have gone out of business.

Your monitoring credentials are the email and password you use to see your production online with SolarEdge, Enphase, and other inverter manufacturers. In order to ensure your system is operating correctly, we will perform a remote assessment using these credentials to see if there are any issues with your solar system prior to enrolling in SolarDetect.

The pricing is $250 as a down payment and $19.99 monthly for monitoring and warranty service.

SolarDetect has a $100 deductible for each claim that is made. This deductible will cover two site visits to the home, and each claim can have more than one individual issue.

Arizona, California, Utah, Texas, and New Mexico. More states coming soon!